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The bead of thee

It follows the course, braving the turbulence with all might,

Over endless landscapes it gets to soar and enjoy a sight.

Without the wind it was sure to fall,

However it keeps going on and on.

Towards its destination the target sought,

Brazening through the bright and across the wet.

Even traveling on the little girl’s pet,

For days together without a word.

 To the ignorant it may seem without a care,

But in reality it has a big responsibility to share.

Transforming and decoding the secret of life,

Changing a useless pod to one strong bulk in size.

From pollen to fruit and another tree,

Open your eyes and everywhere miracles you will see.

Take the lesson of mother very seriously,

Follow your dreams however difficult or hazy they may be.

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A Familiar Countenance

A gust of wind swept by my face,

It said something I can say,

I felt joy, was it happiness!

Word called affection, it relates to you.

This breeze twirled me around,

Was it your salsa moves O performer?

I felt caressed; it was your gentle hold,

Word called blessed, it just was you I know.

Wind scattered some rays around,

A silhouette formed, was it your likeness,

I saw oasis, archipelago of hope,

Word called dreams; you are mine that came true.

Zephyr brought magical scents along,

Without being close enough yet, it indicates you,

The mild tough it had a soft similitude to you,

Word called spirit, I relished being in you.

Daft of wind had special gift,

Mouth-feel sensation it brought along,

Stimulating my sense as your kiss would be,

I feel romanced, I feel a rendezvous.

Each element attached to fascination about you,

Transported me to your Elysium O dear!

Your passion and a déjà vu I will experience,

I feel moved, I feel elated.

If a flurry of wind brings all that,

For our meeting I await o beloved!

Reliving this dream, to let it come true,

I want to feel loved; I want to give the same to you!

Come to me my gentle mimosa,

I want to please your touch, taste, sounds O chaste!

Give you all of me smell, sight and all I can be,

I want you to find heaven on earth that we create.


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