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Motive of existence

Roots is what it takes to support and nurture a plant from the seed to a gigantic tree. Is our existence without any roots incomplete? Not all of us are acquainted with family history or generations of forefathers including family portaits, medical history and more. As we take the journey we can use the name but it certainly cannot be the building foundation of our existence.

We can create a whole new identity with our efforts and work. It need not be restricted to work or just few individuals we hang out with. Neither can it be bound to the interests we share or to the credit reports we own. There is certainly no association of the self with these multiple identity cards we have to carry around or it is also not pertinent to the karma or our deeds performed each day. What eactly should be the reason we are at a specific spot on a particular day?

I am aware many have tried to find an answer to this burning question. Some got enlightenment and some entertainment. I am sure many even got really tired by the whole search and turned to a 9-5 job after bits of disappointment and adventures. So why am I on earth for specific purpose or just to satisfy my hunger and greed? It is not everyday that you start pondering over such questions. But it does get scary after few days when you are back to square one without any possible or satisfactory answer and solution.

I have been haunted by this one since I was a kid. Reading the Bhagwad Gita in the hope of finding some answers just helped me turn into a sane human being, but it did not satisfy the quest for my real purpose of living or existence. It is like I have been pushed into a chain or cycle of processes without any power over the events other than the big and small decisions of life to make.

Enjoying the work of nature and beauty around me does touch my heart. When I help someone or smile at a stranger out of courtsey and good wishes it makes me glad. As I feed my beloved I get a sense of satisfaction. The problem arises when I get too attached to a place or a person and my desire come in their way of living. The reason for existence comes back to the picture.

The job scene should be related to existence or does your social identity make you who you are? Keep pondering but be sure to keep in touch with humanity, nature and your happy self. I am sure someday I will find an answer and so will you!

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