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A Familiar Countenance

A gust of wind swept by my face,

It said something I can say,

I felt joy, was it happiness!

Word called affection, it relates to you.

This breeze twirled me around,

Was it your salsa moves O performer?

I felt caressed; it was your gentle hold,

Word called blessed, it just was you I know.

Wind scattered some rays around,

A silhouette formed, was it your likeness,

I saw oasis, archipelago of hope,

Word called dreams; you are mine that came true.

Zephyr brought magical scents along,

Without being close enough yet, it indicates you,

The mild tough it had a soft similitude to you,

Word called spirit, I relished being in you.

Daft of wind had special gift,

Mouth-feel sensation it brought along,

Stimulating my sense as your kiss would be,

I feel romanced, I feel a rendezvous.

Each element attached to fascination about you,

Transported me to your Elysium O dear!

Your passion and a déjà vu I will experience,

I feel moved, I feel elated.

If a flurry of wind brings all that,

For our meeting I await o beloved!

Reliving this dream, to let it come true,

I want to feel loved; I want to give the same to you!

Come to me my gentle mimosa,

I want to please your touch, taste, sounds O chaste!

Give you all of me smell, sight and all I can be,

I want you to find heaven on earth that we create.


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