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Man and God

Mankind is free, is it a boon or a bane?

Spreading sorrows and not taking the blame!

God sent us on earth with a head and a heart,

For doing as per will or, be guided for a start.

In the beginning we have two roads to choose,

Easy one we always pick fearing sweat and blood ooze.

In a web of fake and lies we wish to hide,

Forgetting nature’s law by which we have to abide.

Remember god in light and dark,

Only then will a friendship spark.

Problems and sorrow is for every one,

But joys are for rarely some.

Thank the divine for all your living days,

Allow bad memories to become a haze.

He is watching not just one but us all,

No bad will be spared either short or tall.

Under his divine powers and goodness I bow,

Unified with this universal soul I want to be now.

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