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Hire me if you dare!

The global hiring system is totally broken,
Joblessness is not something I’ve chosen.

I went to school, spent thousands and got my grades,
now you won’t even interview me, to judge my shades.

How long do you think this will go on?
Without a job, no money, now I can’t possibly live on.

Computer technology can scan my resume out of thousands,
But how can I pay the bills, live and travel the miles?

My family despises broke side of me and once dear, friends are gone,
The references changed jobs, now I try to find some colleagues known.

Don’t push me into this loop of unemployable hopelessness
Consider seeing beyond what the work history says.

I can work hard, learn and certainly prove my worth,
It will only take few minutes of discussion on open turf

Economy changed, loonie got strong and profits went high,
Increasing interest rates, rent and groceries cost a fortune, sigh!

What kind of society is this turning into?
Spend, lose, repeat, such a misearable plight.

We are getting worse socially in every way,
Sitting here frustrated, I wonder when I’ll find job for pay.


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Shadow search

Your real shadow

Your real shadow

Most of us have seen our shadows as we walk at dusk along the well-lit sidewalk of the cities. Headphones plugged in ears, lost in dreams and hopes for tomorrow and a subconscious brain that keeps track of activities around you.

This subconscious of  mine has an inkling towards the shadow. I tend to look at my shadow and keep track of it. I assume this is my good vs bad dilemma and the shadow resembles the evil in us or dark side. Interestingly I have noticed that there are many bright lights in the city and unlike the one shadow moon gave us as in times of our forefathers, we walk with 4-5 different shadows surrounding us.

Consider it like the negative effect our society and environment casts on us. Starting from peer pressure to excel at work or play. In February we observed a day for mental illness and the core foundations we lay depend on the scores others give us. Getting approval for garment we wear to the kind of career we should pursue there is an external impact pressing hard against the original carefree wishes budding inside us as a child.

One shadow for every wish we kill within us as we run the race for excelling in the human society. Survival of fittest is no more the only criteria. There are hundreds of parameters and being comfortable in your own skin is not one of them. Try hard to hide from the elements that prey on your innocence and you will be labelled.

Acceptance in the social circle, close family, social media, your work place and more takes a toll on the basic structure. Solitude is replaced by havoc. As we tend to fit in these circles we miss out on the real evil budding inside us. Which habits are bad and what are the things keeping me from being a happy healthy individual? These sole ideas necessary for flourishing within your body are easily ignored in pursuit of holding social gatherings, attending meaningless events and a false assurance that just raises more dark  areas in our lives.

If we focus on the real issues our life could be a lot easier. Your original shadow will stay on with you. Do not get carried away by these artificial dark spells cast upon human race. You are the only person who can compare and dismiss what is important in your life. Do not give anyone but yourself the chance to judge and improve the aspects that can add values to life.

Search for the weakest link and mend it in time to stand strong even if the whole world was turning against you. Stay strong, your shadow will be where it belongs, below your feet.

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