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Little sissie

My little sister is the one I miss,

                     Who never lets me give her a kiss.

This heart is brimmed with many memories,

                     Of telling each other silly stories.

All day long what we did was fight,

                                 To prove who is wrong and who is right.

Wanting always to play with my toy,

                              Unknowingly she would spoil my joy.

Time has certainly ripped us apart,

                            Together we are linked by the heart.

As such she is gentle and coy,

                          But watch her on her own oh boy!

In her I treasure a wonderful friend,

                                       With her dreamy moments can never end.

There are times I wish to hug her tight,

                                        And treat myself with her smile so bright.

I’d thank god for giving her to me,

                           Never in her eyes tears can I see.

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Explaining how to solve me…

When I am alone, with sorrow my heart cries in pain,

All bad memories come to me like the flooding rain.


Every way out seems to be closed or blocked,

I am trapped in there to suffocate just locked.


I call your name hoping to be heard,

Expecting you to free me as, you get my word.


What you do is stand and stare,

Trying to gain courage to understand then dare.


But I need you to just hold me in your arms,

Speak some comforting words that act on me like charms.


Come close boy and listen to my heart,

Look into my eyes lovingly for the magic to start.


With you by my side no harm can come,

Problems will run away quickly in direction some.


Soon I will be fine with a smile glowing,

Trying to engage you in the, mischief playing.


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