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Hire me if you dare!

The global hiring system is totally broken,
Joblessness is not something I’ve chosen.

I went to school, spent thousands and got my grades,
now you won’t even interview me, to judge my shades.

How long do you think this will go on?
Without a job, no money, now I can’t possibly live on.

Computer technology can scan my resume out of thousands,
But how can I pay the bills, live and travel the miles?

My family despises broke side of me and once dear, friends are gone,
The references changed jobs, now I try to find some colleagues known.

Don’t push me into this loop of unemployable hopelessness
Consider seeing beyond what the work history says.

I can work hard, learn and certainly prove my worth,
It will only take few minutes of discussion on open turf

Economy changed, loonie got strong and profits went high,
Increasing interest rates, rent and groceries cost a fortune, sigh!

What kind of society is this turning into?
Spend, lose, repeat, such a misearable plight.

We are getting worse socially in every way,
Sitting here frustrated, I wonder when I’ll find job for pay.


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He says…..””, She says…. “”!

Fights are good if they are for love…and for romance and taking the lead in expressing the most. My beau and I got a little naughty on the colors and started this discussion, based on my pink attire. Let me know who wins according to you…what the readers say…!

He says..she says..

He says: “Pink coats and rosy plants
pink blouses, never failing to arouse spouses
pink hot feverish lips
pink is romantic and disarming
All pink roses are ever so charming

                 Pink is my color
Igniting my fire making me desire more and more

                 Think! Think! Pink always links
with erotic pleasant stinks
Those flirty winks
Combining with pink
creating an effect of kink !

                 Pink is my color
and the only color I adore.”

She says: “Hey love don’t get so caught up in pink,
We are gona have rainbows not just ink.

                    Roses resemble love and passion pure,
I m game let’s paint life in every color for sure.

                    Beginning is rosy pink taking us to raving red,
Slowly sunny hues of orange n yellow take a stead.

                    With green comes earth n it’s nurturing care,
My love for you is beyond the blue skies.. measure it I dare!

                    Indigo color can play strength and be the wealth of trust,
Violet I m sure lasts ’till death do us apart’ if I must!

                    Patience, Forgiveness and faith is all I ask,
Soon in rainbow of happy matrimony both of us can bask.”

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H2O of ‘We’

Salt water H2O is plenty, it is overflowing,

Love of my heart for you keeps growing,

H2O I have 70% in me.. pouring it out won’t get us going,

Without saying I would die,

If never let out will I be bold or coy?

You may think millions,

You may have the heart to move,

You may see doubt and concern,

It would bring tear to my eye,

H2O from a tomboy!

When I see us When you say ‘we’,

Together we are whatever distance and places be,

It would bring tear to my eye H2O of magic, eliminated decoy!

If you say we are in it,

If you just declare for once,

If you say we are in for good and bad,

It would bring tear to my eye H2O of joy oh boy!

Taking chances or weigh it right,

Nothing is guaranteed outright,

Trust me once let’s take the flight,

I could be Marie Curie or Jodahbai,

H2O of a new beginning..all true no ploy!

Message is loud n clear,

Shake me, dictate me,

If you care take me,

Never try and break ‘we’

H2O it would all dry,

Only saying a final good bye!


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The Pendulum

Tell different, but my heart beat seems like its swaying
It is not a regular motion I can tell I am swearing

A dead Clock may be right twice a day
This sway is towards you I can say

Length of this pendulum is short, but motion is fast
Not sure if I can hold swaying or how long it’ll last

It knows no inertia or gravity rules that most follow
Towards you it bends and at your name goes mello

Despite initial minor swing, the angle is out of control
The feeling is constant my love is same if you want to patrol

Independent of distance & time, this pendulum will just keep swaying
As long as I love you is what I keep saying

– Mildew


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Likeliness of love and life…

God fused five basic elements and to make life,

‘Your love is magic to me’ says, your to-be wife.

Water cleanses and soothes the deepest evil,

You make my worries disappear that’s a marvel.

Earth holds supports and nurtures the living,

I feel safe and warm that makes my joy beaming.

Fire gives energy to go on.., and strength to get started,

You motivate and encourage me to stay elated.

Wind brings swiftness and rejuvenates the mind & body,

The bliss you give can be replaced by body.

Sky is vast & boundless that lets one fly without casualty,

With you I dare to dream & desire to make them reality.

I live in a completely different amazing world with you Beau!

On every day I pray in all lives as my love I want you.

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Man and God

Mankind is free, is it a boon or a bane?

Spreading sorrows and not taking the blame!

God sent us on earth with a head and a heart,

For doing as per will or, be guided for a start.

In the beginning we have two roads to choose,

Easy one we always pick fearing sweat and blood ooze.

In a web of fake and lies we wish to hide,

Forgetting nature’s law by which we have to abide.

Remember god in light and dark,

Only then will a friendship spark.

Problems and sorrow is for every one,

But joys are for rarely some.

Thank the divine for all your living days,

Allow bad memories to become a haze.

He is watching not just one but us all,

No bad will be spared either short or tall.

Under his divine powers and goodness I bow,

Unified with this universal soul I want to be now.

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A Familiar Countenance

A gust of wind swept by my face,

It said something I can say,

I felt joy, was it happiness!

Word called affection, it relates to you.

This breeze twirled me around,

Was it your salsa moves O performer?

I felt caressed; it was your gentle hold,

Word called blessed, it just was you I know.

Wind scattered some rays around,

A silhouette formed, was it your likeness,

I saw oasis, archipelago of hope,

Word called dreams; you are mine that came true.

Zephyr brought magical scents along,

Without being close enough yet, it indicates you,

The mild tough it had a soft similitude to you,

Word called spirit, I relished being in you.

Daft of wind had special gift,

Mouth-feel sensation it brought along,

Stimulating my sense as your kiss would be,

I feel romanced, I feel a rendezvous.

Each element attached to fascination about you,

Transported me to your Elysium O dear!

Your passion and a déjà vu I will experience,

I feel moved, I feel elated.

If a flurry of wind brings all that,

For our meeting I await o beloved!

Reliving this dream, to let it come true,

I want to feel loved; I want to give the same to you!

Come to me my gentle mimosa,

I want to please your touch, taste, sounds O chaste!

Give you all of me smell, sight and all I can be,

I want you to find heaven on earth that we create.


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