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Long gone

If the earth was a pool of skeletons..

I am long dead.

Poison can’t kill me..

Nor can hurt or torturing pain..

I was long gone..

Just u didn’t notice..

Few beings come back to life..

But that is not me..

Words were the culprit..

They murdered my soul..

Your actions made me fall apart..

The zombie pretending as me still wonders..

Why I trusted you…what made me believe?

Were your eyes deceptive..?

Or your touch changed the scene?

If only I could die again with peace..

I would choose a place to be..

Where your faltering words don’t reach my senses..

So does your fake love… falter to pass..

If that was love I would rather be….

unloved, untouched and unspoken..

Just set my soul free…

So this ghoul is at peace.. at some other better place..

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Posted by on April 20, 2012 in Poems


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