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Perspective a new!



New perspective

Looping constantly things have taken a toll,

Now against the rules I wish the dice roll.

Fluttering aimlessly like the leaf in the wind,
this wasn’t first choice, targets there were and so detetmined.

When do you give up and when should you fight,
if the circle is endless in one life.

Break the shackles and stop the wheel,
Misfortune of dungeons and dragons it may bring.

Being an orchid might have been the choice,
now dandelion sprouts after the cold in the spring.

There is defeat if one participates after all,
withdrawing is not an option it is not a fall.

Like the phoenix you can rise from the ashes,
then crumble the world that mocked your cuts and gashes.

Every journey comes to an end, how you choose to exit is hard to tell,
Fight or flight is not a last minute plan.

Each day counts and every rise and bruise makes the call,
They may say one but believe another, you are what it takes.

No secret powers they carry around, it is the will,
mighter than the money or a gun to hold you down.

If you wish today there can be a change,
a new beginning and just a journey to paradise range.

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Shadow search

Your real shadow

Your real shadow

Most of us have seen our shadows as we walk at dusk along the well-lit sidewalk of the cities. Headphones plugged in ears, lost in dreams and hopes for tomorrow and a subconscious brain that keeps track of activities around you.

This subconscious of  mine has an inkling towards the shadow. I tend to look at my shadow and keep track of it. I assume this is my good vs bad dilemma and the shadow resembles the evil in us or dark side. Interestingly I have noticed that there are many bright lights in the city and unlike the one shadow moon gave us as in times of our forefathers, we walk with 4-5 different shadows surrounding us.

Consider it like the negative effect our society and environment casts on us. Starting from peer pressure to excel at work or play. In February we observed a day for mental illness and the core foundations we lay depend on the scores others give us. Getting approval for garment we wear to the kind of career we should pursue there is an external impact pressing hard against the original carefree wishes budding inside us as a child.

One shadow for every wish we kill within us as we run the race for excelling in the human society. Survival of fittest is no more the only criteria. There are hundreds of parameters and being comfortable in your own skin is not one of them. Try hard to hide from the elements that prey on your innocence and you will be labelled.

Acceptance in the social circle, close family, social media, your work place and more takes a toll on the basic structure. Solitude is replaced by havoc. As we tend to fit in these circles we miss out on the real evil budding inside us. Which habits are bad and what are the things keeping me from being a happy healthy individual? These sole ideas necessary for flourishing within your body are easily ignored in pursuit of holding social gatherings, attending meaningless events and a false assurance that just raises more dark  areas in our lives.

If we focus on the real issues our life could be a lot easier. Your original shadow will stay on with you. Do not get carried away by these artificial dark spells cast upon human race. You are the only person who can compare and dismiss what is important in your life. Do not give anyone but yourself the chance to judge and improve the aspects that can add values to life.

Search for the weakest link and mend it in time to stand strong even if the whole world was turning against you. Stay strong, your shadow will be where it belongs, below your feet.

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Mind and its need for illustration: the beginning

Universe and its complexities!

Universe and its complexities!

It is not unusual to demand proof for what is being heard and said. Few aspects of human existence like the feelings just can’t sustain without any threats anymore. With promotions and larger than life picture of the emotional side, I doubt there is any room for ideas that cannot be put up in visual or virtual form.

Remember at school we are shown how to do things. Then in exam there might be a question: Illustrate with a good example how this should be done perfectly? Well my way of doing it is just as right as yours. Results certainly are going to be different as we are different individuals. Living example, role model, social icon and more, we have an illustration for every section of life. Sibling as illustration of a good/bad decision maker, ‘how-to’ section for understanding things that have technical or specialized aspect to it and classroom lessons to choose a way of living; we have specimens for it all.

In personal life there are instances for getting all illustrative and showy about feelings. Right from social network to movies and common products everything screams love and friendship and relations. However the truth about them is still a global secret. Some friends are with us just for networking or when they get latest gossip and ideas for fun. Few may even count you as one more buffer to the system. A second option just in case the primary choice bailed out.

If you want to show your love, say to your husband how can it be done without getting involved in the endless process of gifts or just another illustration of how common and overdone it is! Surprise parties, dinner dates, flowers, chocolates and gifts all sound fun. There are thousands of web pages and books asking you to try something of that sort to cheer your beloved.

How to go out of the box if this is all surrounding and clogging your creativity? Indians celebrate a festival for the brother-sister bond of love. There are some good stories that worked as a trendsetter, but now all we can see is stronger need for giving presents and getting fancy accessories to make up for the time siblings have actually been out of touch for so long.


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He says…..””, She says…. “”!

Fights are good if they are for love…and for romance and taking the lead in expressing the most. My beau and I got a little naughty on the colors and started this discussion, based on my pink attire. Let me know who wins according to you…what the readers say…!

He says..she says..

He says: “Pink coats and rosy plants
pink blouses, never failing to arouse spouses
pink hot feverish lips
pink is romantic and disarming
All pink roses are ever so charming

                 Pink is my color
Igniting my fire making me desire more and more

                 Think! Think! Pink always links
with erotic pleasant stinks
Those flirty winks
Combining with pink
creating an effect of kink !

                 Pink is my color
and the only color I adore.”

She says: “Hey love don’t get so caught up in pink,
We are gona have rainbows not just ink.

                    Roses resemble love and passion pure,
I m game let’s paint life in every color for sure.

                    Beginning is rosy pink taking us to raving red,
Slowly sunny hues of orange n yellow take a stead.

                    With green comes earth n it’s nurturing care,
My love for you is beyond the blue skies.. measure it I dare!

                    Indigo color can play strength and be the wealth of trust,
Violet I m sure lasts ’till death do us apart’ if I must!

                    Patience, Forgiveness and faith is all I ask,
Soon in rainbow of happy matrimony both of us can bask.”

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It knows no time, it follows no day,

It swallows the rich & poor unchanged, come what may.


Some people fear it some simply pray,

The brave face it, old want to embrace it today.


Bringing sorrow to friends & family, relief to the enemy,

Beautiful /ugly, high/low, not excusing new born or the pretty eyed doe.

The day we start our journey we know,

Some day our life will end up like the melting snow.


Live life as it arrives each moment,

Spread joy to one and all, never be proud or adamant.


Pile up gold or buildings tall, acts count more, however small,

Your dignified glory may live but not the money after the last call.

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Likeliness of love and life…

God fused five basic elements and to make life,

‘Your love is magic to me’ says, your to-be wife.

Water cleanses and soothes the deepest evil,

You make my worries disappear that’s a marvel.

Earth holds supports and nurtures the living,

I feel safe and warm that makes my joy beaming.

Fire gives energy to go on.., and strength to get started,

You motivate and encourage me to stay elated.

Wind brings swiftness and rejuvenates the mind & body,

The bliss you give can be replaced by body.

Sky is vast & boundless that lets one fly without casualty,

With you I dare to dream & desire to make them reality.

I live in a completely different amazing world with you Beau!

On every day I pray in all lives as my love I want you.

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Motive of existence

Roots is what it takes to support and nurture a plant from the seed to a gigantic tree. Is our existence without any roots incomplete? Not all of us are acquainted with family history or generations of forefathers including family portaits, medical history and more. As we take the journey we can use the name but it certainly cannot be the building foundation of our existence.

We can create a whole new identity with our efforts and work. It need not be restricted to work or just few individuals we hang out with. Neither can it be bound to the interests we share or to the credit reports we own. There is certainly no association of the self with these multiple identity cards we have to carry around or it is also not pertinent to the karma or our deeds performed each day. What eactly should be the reason we are at a specific spot on a particular day?

I am aware many have tried to find an answer to this burning question. Some got enlightenment and some entertainment. I am sure many even got really tired by the whole search and turned to a 9-5 job after bits of disappointment and adventures. So why am I on earth for specific purpose or just to satisfy my hunger and greed? It is not everyday that you start pondering over such questions. But it does get scary after few days when you are back to square one without any possible or satisfactory answer and solution.

I have been haunted by this one since I was a kid. Reading the Bhagwad Gita in the hope of finding some answers just helped me turn into a sane human being, but it did not satisfy the quest for my real purpose of living or existence. It is like I have been pushed into a chain or cycle of processes without any power over the events other than the big and small decisions of life to make.

Enjoying the work of nature and beauty around me does touch my heart. When I help someone or smile at a stranger out of courtsey and good wishes it makes me glad. As I feed my beloved I get a sense of satisfaction. The problem arises when I get too attached to a place or a person and my desire come in their way of living. The reason for existence comes back to the picture.

The job scene should be related to existence or does your social identity make you who you are? Keep pondering but be sure to keep in touch with humanity, nature and your happy self. I am sure someday I will find an answer and so will you!

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