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Search your soul!

Somewhere in the world’s crowd is a lonely heart,

Separated from its real soul and harshly ripped apart.


Restless and gloomy becomes its daily state,

Only is it thinking of ways to search his mate.


This natural tempest will now not subside,

Until, she is found and stays always beside.


As the moon light comes from the sun,

His heart beats just for her but none.


When she is found his eyes simply glows,

And takes her to a land, no one ever knows.


An enchanting world of new dreams forms,

It is full of love, care and joy songs.


Ask your heart if searching it wants to start,

Even if you missed a train, you still have the cart.

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Posted by on August 9, 2012 in Poems


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Picking the brains

Stop picking my brains!

Torment me so much that i stop feeling the pain,
Everything should get numb, that nothing washes it neither tears nor rain

Run over me once, so it ends for once and for all
Million thoughts running in my head shut up or talk to the wall

Talk to me, walk with me, for once you try and really be with me
I can’t take the phantom coming and going, i want you in entireity

Silence is your weapon, i can’t tell you how much this pierces
Deep inside every gash and wound, it shreds, pinches and bleeds

Take a closer look, open your ears you will see the signs
Possibilities of hope and strength all melting down with fears

Was my fault to believe in first place or did the love give it all away?
Screaming my insides want solitude but i want you to stay

Change me, i paved the way, however hard it turns out, i am still here to lay
till my last breath! whatever anyone would say, my plans are forever not a mockery for day

If a chance is offered, do the honors and put heart to say
Sharing and confronting is better than any castles in air

Last but not the least i want it, painful or pleasant
Company is what makes me alive and some smiles i grab as my cherishable moment…

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