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Finally Home!

Welcome to Write For Pleasure. I write to get some, you can read to get some. Kindly provide your comments and suggestions for making this experience highly entertaining and enlightening. Keep reading for fun and spread the pleasure as you go along.

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Down lanes that are no more there!


Sitting by the balcony, I frequently lose my adult self in memories,
of the childhood I spent in Andheri apartment, climbing trees & dreaming of fairies.

Summer or rain, time for play was always to spare,
exam or vacation, children busy in game was not rare.

Seeking the hiders or poisoning the victims, as we ran screaming ‘water’ and ‘land’,
oh I remember! Crocodile with his colours & what Simon says!, smudging soil or sand.

Not far were the rainy days so dull,
we knew better than paper boats to lull.

Making teams as super heroes, we climbed walls and conquered streets.
Cycling was rash so was badminton, langdi and the Nanak jayanti treats!

Expanding our horizons and aiming for vast sky,
as kids we just knew freedom and honesty, but never cared for lie.

Nap time was to escape and find a door key,
of our pastime looking for stones, shells, pebbles & birds to see.

Fort out of sheets or clay brought us no shame,
pearls of laughter followed our Shankar (dog) as we try to tame.

In the pursuit of growing up, I have so much unknowingly given up,
pals, pranks, picnics, places and Barbie princesses; I want to again live it up!

Three cheers for childhood, as those days were awesome,
for my long lost friends, you sure helped me blossom.

If we meet sometime down the memory lane, just don’t add me only on Facebook,
jog a little with me and we could even make the childhood scrap book.

I am proud and delighted to have those years of fun,
when festivals were celebration and competition meant, just Run!

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