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Likeliness of love and life…

God fused five basic elements and to make life,

‘Your love is magic to me’ says, your to-be wife.

Water cleanses and soothes the deepest evil,

You make my worries disappear that’s a marvel.

Earth holds supports and nurtures the living,

I feel safe and warm that makes my joy beaming.

Fire gives energy to go on.., and strength to get started,

You motivate and encourage me to stay elated.

Wind brings swiftness and rejuvenates the mind & body,

The bliss you give can be replaced by body.

Sky is vast & boundless that lets one fly without casualty,

With you I dare to dream & desire to make them reality.

I live in a completely different amazing world with you Beau!

On every day I pray in all lives as my love I want you.

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Posted by on April 23, 2012 in Home, Poems


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