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Bathroom or thoughtroom!

Is it just me or everyone actually can start thinking too well when inside the bath tub or while having a shower. Suddenly you have a wave of self awareness and creativity. At times there are things that I wanted to find but had long forgotten about then start to occur to my somewhat idle mind. Sitting in front of  a computer may not always bring the best of ideas and thoughts about writing or even distinctly related to innovative work or topics. Surprisingly the closed confines with moisture and very less inhibitions makes my brain reach out and get out of the box.

The awkward part is that same may not happen if I carried a laptop or tablet with me to work on some essential project. It would only work when there is idle state. Answers come along when we are not actually questioning their existence. So what works towards this minuscle enlightenment experience? Is it the crampled room space that bathroom has or the dim lights or the humidity levels, I will not cross out the fragrances of shampoo and soap or the feeling of water trickling down the unclad bodies. There is some miracle in the bathroom at least for me. I start to realize things I may not have expressed so easily to my friends or family over the time of years. Thoughts related to anger and boredom, motivation, future planning or self angst and introspection all become like a second self.

The relaxed feeling or the awareness that I will get some time with ‘me’ possibly makes it different. I wonder if that is the same reason people meditate and engage in some lone time with their own thoughts pouring in. Lately the noise of networking and media all posed for entertainment just has put us away from ourselves. No meals are savoured anymore and even the compliments we get for work or creativity has to come in form of likes and comments on the social network. It has been a while since I actually looked within me and contemplated on the different events of my life. Cherishing the small joys and moments with loved ones. Possibly doing so will take away the surprise I experience when my brain gets some lone time in the thoughtroom or may I say the bathroom.

What do you think folks? Why does that confined space work like a pensive for all our pondering and thought process?

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