Your hand is like the outlet to all those hidden emotions and feelings, experiences and more. At times it is not even something you realized was trapped inside of you. Reading what I have written amazes me. Reading what others have written inspires me. Writing what is hidden just makes me happy. I enjoy to write.

I am sure more writers here feel the same way. Many have classified blogging as leisure activity. Some even consider it as procrastination, but it is one outlet for expression. A portal where you can be anyone and create anything. A new amazing world like the ‘Neverland’ or ‘Wonderland’. As a kid I wrote essays and worked on poetry to paraphrase them as exercise. I got graded on the work and today I write for leisure and the pleasures it brings to me.

Reading a good book opens innumerable channels of expression and imagination. A man is as good as his word, this proverb can help you predict a lot about a person. The language of a person, mannerisms, literary knowledge and upbringing all can sum up in few words coming from the mouth of an individual. Keep reading and you will never know how things could change for good.

Happy scribbling. Make sure to enjoy the wor(d/k)s.


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