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Lets try to get little poetic and pour our hearts out with words.

Hire me if you dare!

The global hiring system is totally broken,
Joblessness is not something I’ve chosen.

I went to school, spent thousands and got my grades,
now you won’t even interview me, to judge my shades.

How long do you think this will go on?
Without a job, no money, now I can’t possibly live on.

Computer technology can scan my resume out of thousands,
But how can I pay the bills, live and travel the miles?

My family despises broke side of me and once dear, friends are gone,
The references changed jobs, now I try to find some colleagues known.

Don’t push me into this loop of unemployable hopelessness
Consider seeing beyond what the work history says.

I can work hard, learn and certainly prove my worth,
It will only take few minutes of discussion on open turf

Economy changed, loonie got strong and profits went high,
Increasing interest rates, rent and groceries cost a fortune, sigh!

What kind of society is this turning into?
Spend, lose, repeat, such a misearable plight.

We are getting worse socially in every way,
Sitting here frustrated, I wonder when I’ll find job for pay.


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Happy Father’s Day Papa!

You are the best Dad in my world!

You are the best Dad in my world!

Raising kids is the toughest job,

especially without the ties of the umbilical cord.

Patiently and carefully a father learns his duties,

Starts with a diaper change to midnight soothing, playtime and school.

Moments turn to days as helping with homework,

going to games, deciding right-wrong takes a toll.

Endless driving lessons, impeccable taste of music,

countless arguments and family times seem like days of yester years.

Nothing beats the togetherness shared,a bond beyond the cord so rare,

That each woman tries finding a partner reflecting those ideal qualities as her Papa.

Sad it is as we leave for creating new homes,

but the lessons you taught will never be less than gold.

I cherish you and treasure you my dad!

I find it funny some days as a kid, of you my mentor/ friend i was scared.

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Little sissie

My little sister is the one I miss,

                     Who never lets me give her a kiss.

This heart is brimmed with many memories,

                     Of telling each other silly stories.

All day long what we did was fight,

                                 To prove who is wrong and who is right.

Wanting always to play with my toy,

                              Unknowingly she would spoil my joy.

Time has certainly ripped us apart,

                            Together we are linked by the heart.

As such she is gentle and coy,

                          But watch her on her own oh boy!

In her I treasure a wonderful friend,

                                       With her dreamy moments can never end.

There are times I wish to hug her tight,

                                        And treat myself with her smile so bright.

I’d thank god for giving her to me,

                           Never in her eyes tears can I see.

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Meet us as……

Here live three little fairies,

They know no word like worries.

Doing mischief throughout the day,

Problems and sorrows are kept a bay.


They are ever filled with laughter,

But beware they may slaughter.

Like a mother they can care,

So think once more if you could bear.


With them you’ll never think of your woes,

They’ll make worries disappear from your brows.

They speak the language of love and war,

For them age, color or caste is no bar.


Ever spreading joy and happiness near and far,

Precious and rare as gems they are.

With them your life will bloom or blossom,

I’ll call them the tempestuous threesome.

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Explaining how to solve me…

When I am alone, with sorrow my heart cries in pain,

All bad memories come to me like the flooding rain.


Every way out seems to be closed or blocked,

I am trapped in there to suffocate just locked.


I call your name hoping to be heard,

Expecting you to free me as, you get my word.


What you do is stand and stare,

Trying to gain courage to understand then dare.


But I need you to just hold me in your arms,

Speak some comforting words that act on me like charms.


Come close boy and listen to my heart,

Look into my eyes lovingly for the magic to start.


With you by my side no harm can come,

Problems will run away quickly in direction some.


Soon I will be fine with a smile glowing,

Trying to engage you in the, mischief playing.


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Search your soul!

Somewhere in the world’s crowd is a lonely heart,

Separated from its real soul and harshly ripped apart.


Restless and gloomy becomes its daily state,

Only is it thinking of ways to search his mate.


This natural tempest will now not subside,

Until, she is found and stays always beside.


As the moon light comes from the sun,

His heart beats just for her but none.


When she is found his eyes simply glows,

And takes her to a land, no one ever knows.


An enchanting world of new dreams forms,

It is full of love, care and joy songs.


Ask your heart if searching it wants to start,

Even if you missed a train, you still have the cart.

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He says…..””, She says…. “”!

Fights are good if they are for love…and for romance and taking the lead in expressing the most. My beau and I got a little naughty on the colors and started this discussion, based on my pink attire. Let me know who wins according to you…what the readers say…!

He says..she says..

He says: “Pink coats and rosy plants
pink blouses, never failing to arouse spouses
pink hot feverish lips
pink is romantic and disarming
All pink roses are ever so charming

                 Pink is my color
Igniting my fire making me desire more and more

                 Think! Think! Pink always links
with erotic pleasant stinks
Those flirty winks
Combining with pink
creating an effect of kink !

                 Pink is my color
and the only color I adore.”

She says: “Hey love don’t get so caught up in pink,
We are gona have rainbows not just ink.

                    Roses resemble love and passion pure,
I m game let’s paint life in every color for sure.

                    Beginning is rosy pink taking us to raving red,
Slowly sunny hues of orange n yellow take a stead.

                    With green comes earth n it’s nurturing care,
My love for you is beyond the blue skies.. measure it I dare!

                    Indigo color can play strength and be the wealth of trust,
Violet I m sure lasts ’till death do us apart’ if I must!

                    Patience, Forgiveness and faith is all I ask,
Soon in rainbow of happy matrimony both of us can bask.”

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